What I have done so far
03/19 – 08/22  B.A. Interaction Design @HfG
02/21 – 08/21  UX Intern @ETAS 
08/19 – 09/19  UX/UI Intern @FestoAG 
09/19 – 01/21  Part Time Designer @MadDesign 
09/17 – 09/18  Social Work @EJUS

About Me
My world evolves around creativity. I mainly express myself through painting, writing, and other ways of art. It is important to me to broaden my perspectives as much as possible. Usually, I achieve this through meeting new people and experiencing different cultures.

I think of life as a big lesson. With every unknown situation that life brings me, I will gain new experiences. And with that mindset, I welcome every challenge, experiment, or failure.

What I’m passionate about
I’m seeking creativity in my everyday life! Mostly I am interested to help people with my art. Be it organizing dinner parties for friends and family, or inspiring strangers with my craftwork. Being creative allows me to become the best version of myself.

During my exchange semester at Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea, I gained insight into how a culture’s mentality and beliefs can influence their attitude toward design. I discovered that as a designer, you develop a specific personality and understanding before fully committing to the design process.

What Design means to me
As a designer, I have a curious mindset that leads me to investigate the root cause of problems. I prioritize understanding the overall scope before diving into the details. To me, design is the criticism of existing solutions and the creativity to constantly adapt them

My inspirations and interests

Exploring and creating art in different forms
✦ Acryl and Oil painting
✦ Sewing and styling clothes
✦ Creating new recipes 
✦ Photography 
✈︎ Traveling 

Favourite Books 
✦  Sohn Won Pyung – Almond (a story about persistence)
✦  Hermann Hesse – Demian (growing up and understanding what life is about) 
✦  Asako Yuzuki – Butter (about the art of living and the female liberation) 

Favourite Artists
✦ Cindy Sherman
✦ Cecily Brown
✦ Andy Warhol
✦ Gertrud Grunow