Aurora - Interactive Learning System

Ideation / Prototyping / Concept Development / Knowledge Transfer

Learn which atoms create which color

Create your own polar light

Learn about the different myths on auroras

We know polar lights from photographs and videos, but do we know how these natural phenomena are formed?

We want to answer this question with the interactive communication system „Aurora“. With breathtaking illustrations and understandable explanations we want to present the background of these mystical natural phenomena.

In this project, the focus was on conveying information in an exciting way and incorporating interactive tasks. As an interesting introduction to our application, we designed an area in which the user can modify his own Polar Light. Afterwards the user can navigate through the learning area of the application and learn about the places where Polar lights occur and the interesting myths about them.

Process Mockups

During our design process we made many variations of our concept. Enclosed we would like to show an excerpt from our process sketches. 

2. Semester
HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

Project Partners 
Lucie Wittmer
Juliana Artavia 

Fabian Schröbel 

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