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Wordflow – Your Digital Individuality.

Wordflow offers users the possibility to create an individual web presence. Our software can be used easily by beginners, but also advanced users have the possibility to design a website according to their own ideas. 

Wordflow provides website building in a unique and efficient way. We focused on a wide user range and a creative and more playful approach in website creating. For example the adjustable panels are inspired by the many different vector graphic editor programs. 

Our focus in this project was set on the builder itself and the page overview since these are the main concepts with can be improved in many website builder. 

Use Case
A small business owner wants to create a website for his café. He wants to inform his customers with new offers and wants to sell his coffee. His goal is to build a creative website with little to no experience. But he wants to add new tools for example for his online shop. Therefore we started to build an information architecture and interaction flows of different use cases. 

We wanted to convey a clean and subtle style, that wouldn’t clash with the individual design of the website the user wants to create. That’s why we choose blue and grey tones. We have made sure that the font on the screen is legible and all typefaces and UI elements are accessible. 

Below you can see the most important screens from the project:

4. Semester
HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

Project Partners 
Lucie Wittmer
Vanessa Weber
Antonia Richter

Thomas Techert


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