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Invention Design / Machine Learning / Assistance System / Conversational Bot makes application submission a natural experience. is a conversational AI-based system that can be used to fill out all kinds of applications. Users can enter their own data and documents into the system. The bot processes these in the background and inserts them in the appropriate places of the respective application. 

Thus, users do not fill out a form, but have an AI-based conversation. Comprehensible questions and a natural conversation make it much easier for users to submit applications. We demonstrate our system using the BAföG (student finance application) as an example.

 → Natural conversation and natural questions through Natural Language Processing.   

 → Not a classic form – The system analyses informations you earlier put in and inserts it in the right part of the application. So you don’t have to keep inserting the same information over and over again.

 → Unknown or difficult word can be explained by given examples. This can help people who can’t speak the language that well or have difficulties with formal language. 

 → Auto generated answers guarantee a quick processing of the form.

 → Community – Because the system works with machine learning, there might be problems while processing. That’s why we added a community part. People can share the errors or can exchange problems they have with the form itself. 

4. Semester
HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

Project Partners 
Antonia Richter
Luis Pflüger

Ludwig Kannicht 
Steffen Mitschelen


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