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It can be difficult for a woman to assert herself in the labour market and adapt to a man’s world. But why do women have to adapt to a male-dominated corporate culture? 

Momo helps to find gender-fair companies that adapt to women. With a label for gender-fair companies, you get an overview of which companies are actively working towards a fair and active working climate. Momo is in active exchange with users and companies and is committed to a gender-equitable future of the working world. 

Year 2027

The shortage of skilled workers is still present. But in order to secure the future of the country, politicians decides on some measures to counteract this. It is recognised that traditional company structures are not adapted to women and thus a label for gender-appropriate companies is initiated by the Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth in cooperation with the Employment Agency. 

The aim is to make the market more inclusive and diverse. Companies from the STEM fields in particular are taking advantage of this opportunity to make their structures more inviting for women and thus specifically reduce the low proportion of women. 

The Label for Her 

In order to support our future scenario and to find a way to redirect the duty of adaptation from women to companies, we designed a fictitious label of approval. This allows companies to be labelled as gender-responsive. 

Bachelor Semester 
HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

Project Partners 
Antonia Richter

Oswald David 
Benedikt Groß

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The award for gender equitable companies

The Concept 

The idea behind the „Seal for Gender Equitable Companies“ is that companies can apply for the award as a gender equitable company in a clearly regulated application process. In our case, this is done notionally by the German Institute for Quality Standards and Testing (DIQP), the certification company SQC – QualityCert and the initiators, who could bear the costs for the additional process.

The certification of the „Seal for Gender Equitable Companies“ represents the opinion of the employees in combination with the performance of the employer in terms of gender equity and consists of the following points:

Requirements of women*

The concept focuses in particular on the needs, wishes and living conditions of women. Corporate structures and cultures are still very traditional. In our society, women have different needs and problems than men, which they have to cope with in everyday life. These problems often arise from the social role of women. Thus, women often still take care of the housework or nursing work, which can be a double burden if they want to or have to work at the same time.

It is therefore all the more important that companies begin to adapt to the conditions of women.

The Website 

MOMO’s website serves as an overview and visualisation of our concept.

On the website, companies can advertise themselves if they have received a seal. In addition, the website is intended to be an overview for users who are looking for gender-responsive companies.

The detailed view of a company on MOMO

Requirements for the company
Users can record their company requirements and the priorities they set for the company culture in the onboarding.

The Onboarding Process

In Matching, users can have their best match with companies determined. For this purpose, the requirements defined in the onboarding process are compared with the companies‘ offers.

Best Match of the User


The logo is composed of a staircase (career), waves (inflow of workers) and a speech bubble (support). Momo is supposed to be a strong personality who stands up for women in the labour market. 

With the Tonality Map, we capture the tonality and personality of our brand:


With these aspects we created a styleguide, which consists of the colours, fonts and UI elements we used in our website. 


Our project is meant to be a sign and a call to recognise in how many areas women* are not equal to men today.

At the same time, we want to give hope with our concept that the future can move into the positive with new ideas and approaches.


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